Hi, I’m Julia (like the set)

I am passionate about AI. If we get it right, it will accelerate humanity towards a promising future.

As a general operator in AI, I thrive in environments where new ideas are required. I am always open to new opportunities.

In addition to my interests in AI and its impacts, I also care deeply about increasing humanity’s collective problem-solving abilities and building resilience against existential risk. Currently, I serve on the ethics board at ICLR, as well as on the board of directors at the Society Library, the Red Circle, and the Future of Consciousness Institute. I am furthermore advising the Human Rights Measurement Initiative. It is an honor to be trusted with offering my guidance in these roles.


Prior to entering the tech and AI field, I studied neuroscience and psychology, and graduated as valedictorian. I wrote my MS thesis at Antonio Damasio's Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) in Los Angeles.

I have experience as a prototype research engineer at Bosch Research & Technology for NLP, UX, and knowledge engineering products. Additionally, I have worked as a consultant (fellow associate level) at McKinsey & Company, been president of Foresight Institute, and served as a Global Future Council member at the World Economic Forum. I have also been an entrepreneur in residence at Singularity’s Global Startup Program. I have played a role in supporting AI and robotics startups in various capacities, such as at **Vicarious AI** and Fathom Radiant. I’ve also programmed, trained, and finetuned AI models on my own, for example with generative AI.

My 2016 article predicting ethical issues in AI is the top page-ranked result on the topic. I have given talks all over the world, including at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos. I also appeared in a funny documentary with Kal Penn to discuss the future of our economy with AI.

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On the side, I enjoy building impact-focused communities. In December 2021, I co-hosted the **Virgin Unite** leadership gathering on Necker Island with Richard Branson on unintended consequences of AI.

After having spent ten years in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, I have left to focus my efforts on protecting humanity from the unintended consequences of AI and preventing tech-facilitated human rights violations.

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